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Van Systems

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Van Systems for windows cleaning

LINE-X Systems manufactures and supplies a complete range of custom built machines for any need for window cleaning.

DI systems for areas of soft water, reverse osmosis systems for areas with hard water, static systems for people who want to produce water in much larger volumes.

We use only high quality components to ensure that the user has an easy to use and very reliable pure water riding his van designed for the professional glass cleaner.


The reliability factor when choosing your pole system fed by pure water is critical to the success of your business. LINE-X systems only use selected components proven efficacy for achieving quality, reducing the risk of rupture, which reduces downtime of operations.We also manufacture laptop trolley systems ideal for areas where the truck-mounted systems are not ideal.


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Xline window cleaning van systems Spain South America

Top of the range Reverse Osmosis system for high altitude window cleaning in Spain and South America.

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Sistema de osmosis inversa portatil

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