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10" 100 GPD Spectrum Membrane

Price with discount: 34,50 €
Sales price without tax: 34,50 €

100 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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10" Carbon Filter

Price with discount: 17,50 €
Sales price without tax: 17,50 €

5 micron particulate carbon block filter cartridge will fit into a standard 10" filter housing.

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10" Debris Sediment Paper Filter

Price with discount: 9,50 €
Sales price without tax: 9,50 €

A top quality debris paper Filter - 10 Micron.

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100 GPD Membrane

Price with discount: 37,50 €
Sales price without tax: 37,50 €

100 GPD reverse osmosis membrane System used in water treatment and water purification

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20" Carbon Filter

Price with discount: 24,95 €
Sales price without tax: 24,95 €

Long life Spectrum ECB-5-20 5 Micron 20 Inch

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20" Debris Paper Filter

Price with discount: 14,95 €
Sales price without tax: 14,95 €

A top quality debris paper Filter - 20 Micron.

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25 ltr Bag of Unger Ion Exchange Resin

Price with discount: 95,50 €
Sales price without tax: 95,50 €

Suitable for use in refillable DI cartridges. DI pressure vessels or filters for Pure Water Window Cleaning.

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40/40 40" Low Pressure Membrane

Price with discount: 295,00 €
Sales price without tax: 295,00 €

Osmosis reverse low pressure membrane for window cleaning systems.100% integrity tested, All SPECTRUM membrane elements undergo a decay test before leaving the factory.

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Hand Held Digital TDS Metre

Price with discount: 27,20 €
Sales price without tax: 27,20 €

Ideal for all water purification applications, wastewater regulation, aquaculture, hydroponics, and colloidal silver. Perfect for both consumer or commercial use.

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Sistema de osmosis inversa portatil

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