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45L Plastic Trolley

Price with discount: 829,00 €
Sales price without tax: 829,00 €
Incredibly compact, yet holds a maximum of 45ltr's. Moulded plastic design, can be layed flat on its back & in our opinion its one of the most professional looking trolley system available to buy.

25 Litre Xline Trolley System

Price with discount: 945,00 €
Sales price without tax: 945,00 €
The Xline 25ltr portable trolley system has been designed to the highest of specification and outstanding build quality.

Wagtail Precision Glide 45cm

Price with discount: 38,75 €
Sales price without tax: 38,75 €
Wagtail Precision Glide for window and height cleaning.

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Evolution Pole Clamp

Evolution lateral clamp, for use with Xline's Evolution Poles.

Evo-Lite 26cm Brush

Price with discount: 50,20 €
Sales price without tax: 50,20 €
26cm (10 inch) Evo-Lite water fed pole brush.

Evo-Lite 36cm Brush

Price with discount: 56,20 €
Sales price without tax: 56,20 €
36cm (14 inch) water fed pole brush.

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