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Useful Information for Window Cleaners


It is a fact that window cleaning is up there with the most dangerous careers there is,  that much so that insurers are making it harder and harder each year for window cleaners to get insurance and increasing  premiums all the time for those using ladders at work.


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Most domestic ground, first and second floor windows can be cleaned with 20 and 25ft water fed poles.


Poles are available with up to 65ft reach, below is a table with a rough guide to what pole lengths would be required to reach what windows.

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Small vans: systems up to 350ltr (vehicles with payloads of 600kg and above)

Medium vans: systems up to 500ltr (vehicles with payloads of 800kg and above)

Large vans: systems up to 800ltr (vehicles with payloads of 1200kg and above)

Extra Large vans: systems up to 1000ltr (vehicles with payloads of 1500kg and above)

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The payload of your vehicle will normally be displayed on your log book, please note its the carry weight you require and not the gross weight.


List of van payloads:


Nemo: 660kg
Berlingo: 600kg & 800kg
Dispatch: 1000kg & 1200kg
Relay: Up to 1480kg


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A DI (Di-ionised) filtration system is designed for soft water areas, with a TDS of less than 60 parts per million.

A reverse osmosis filtration is the most cost effective way to produce pure water and designed for harder water areas, TDS over 60 ppm.

What if my TDS is over 300 PPM?

If your water is over 300 ppm we recommend running a water softener unit that will reduce chloride and ion in the water allowing the reverse osmosis system to work more efficiently and reducing running costs.

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The amount of water used will depend on what work type of buildings are being cleaned (domestic, commercial, industrial).

More water is usually used on commercial and industrial contracts as machines will normally run for longer periods.

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Choosing the correct system for the water type in your area, along with regular servicing and maintenance can make a massive impact on your day to day running costs.

With one of our van systems servicing and running costs are from as little as £100 per year.

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How it works?

Whether you’re a traditional window cleaner looking to take the next step in your career or looking to ease up the workload with age or even looking to change career completely and delve into the window cleaning industry for the first time, we are able to offer complete system packages for every customers requirements.

All of our systems are custom made and individually designed to suit your business needs and workload.


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Escobillas limpieza cristales interior y exterior wagtail

Escobillas limpieza cristales interior y exterior wagtail


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